Artist Statement

Art should make life enjoyable to the viewer at the time it is being viewed, as life should make art enjoyable to the artist as it is being created.

Metal is self sustaining and resists change in shape and texture.  Metal is strong.  As I work with the metal we become a team.  We bond with each other.  As the metal resists me and my imagination and my tools, together we find the shapes we both can enjoy.   During this discovery process each piece starts to tell me what colors it wants to be and textures it needs to bring the viewer into the piece. 

The shaping of the scrap sheet metals and steel is done with various types of welding equipment, hammers and heating techniques that allow me to create the images that reflect my enjoyment of the landscape.  My view of nature and the landscape in which nature exists is from the seat of an automobile or a motorcycle as I drive through it and around it catching reflections of what it is that I enjoy while feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing seeing nature in thousands of quick images on each outing. 

The use of automotive paint and equipment, chrome plated scraps of shaped and carved steel and heated and fused glass are designed to bring the viewer into each piece.  This is done by reflection, highlight, or inquisition by the viewer as he/she views each piece moving around and through it.

Enjoy the work, feel the metal, see the color and hopefully you will become a part of the piece for an instant.  That instant is what I feel, see and smell while motoring through the landscape on a motorcycle or in a car. 

Larry Hunt